Female Jedi Knight

Dotina Heyorr during the Battle of Torvania

Dotina Heyorr was a Jedi Knight during the years of the Clone War. She was the padawan learner of Tarados Gon and became a Knight midway through the war. She fought in such battles as Torvania and Ragdon, but was killed during Order 66.

Information Edit

Born: 39 BBY, Torvania

Died: 19 BBY, medical space station

Species: Human

Affiliation: Jedi Order

Jedi Path: Consular

Weapon: Green Lightsaber

Lightsaber Form: Shii-Cho

Master: Tarados Gon

Biography Edit

Torvania Edit

One of Dotina's assignments was to her homeworld of Torvania.

Ragdan Edit

On Ragdan, Dotina's last assignment as Tarados' padawan, she held off Asajj Ventress for a short time and played a key role in the battle.

Death Edit

In the last several months of the war, Dotina was assigned to watch over a medical station with her close friend Mihra Reyven. They were there when Order 66 was enacted and though they fought for some time, Dotina was eventually slain, though Mihra survived and escaped to Tatooine.

Legacy Edit

twenty-eight years after Dotina's death, Mihra named her first daughter Dotina in memory of her lost friend.

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