Dyjus High Council

Jedi Councilor Dyjus Haronda

Dyjus Haronda was an Ongree Jedi Master during the later years of the Old Republic and served briefly on the Jedi High Council. His most notable padawan was future Council member and restorer of the Jedi Kyidyin Muchian. After Muchian's training, Haronda retired from active duty and became a teacher at the Jedi Temple. He was one of many to be slain during Operation Knightfall.

Information Edit

Born: 119 BBY, Skustell

Died: 19 BBY, Coruscant

Species: Ongree

Affiliation: Jedi Order, Jedi High Council, Jedi Temple Staff

Jedi Path: Guardian

Weapon: Blue Lightsaber

Apprentices: Kyidyin Muchian

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