Jana was one of the earliest finds by the New Jedi Order and the Jedi life was all she knew. She was apprenticed to Jacien Takiden when the war began but was later transferred to new arrival Sharad Bark, whom she famcied though he was six years her senior. She followed unnoticed behind Bark and Takiden as they became War Heroes and was beside them on all of their missions. Her first noted contributionw as during the Battle of Grovinior where she and Sharad helped turn the tide of the battle, though very few Jedi survived it.

She later married Sharad Bark and bore him five children during their quest of exploration beyond the Outer Rim. Her and Sharad's relationship began to fall apart during the war with Aelitou and they had effectively separated by the time they ended up on Olederadi. Jana participated in the compound battle alongside her close friends Muchian and Ulic Kedrima but she did not survive the battle.


Born: 6.13.7 ABY, Serrenno

Died: 7.7.54 ABY , Olederadi

Family: Sharad Bark ; husband, Jacien Bark ; son, Jane Bark Altorn; daughter, Rosalie Bark Hendor ; daughter, Esmara Bark Rinten ; daughter, Emmett Bark ; son

Affiliation: Bark Family , Jedi Order

Lightsaber Form: Shii-Cho

Masters: Jacien Takiden, Sharad Bark

Apprentice: Verana Serrone

Appearances: Story of the Bark Family, Jedi Exile , Kyidyin Muchian


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