Jedi Iluminates

Jedi Illuminates

The Jedi Illuminates were a Jedi Path created in the New Jedi Order by High Masters Kyidyin Muchian and Luke Skywalker. 

The Jedi Illuminates served alongside the otehr branches of Jedi training; Guardians and Consulars. Together they enveloped the three aspects of Jedi Training; combat, diplomacy, and mastery of the Force.

Jedi Illuminates focused on meditation and increasing their connection with the Force and ability to use it. They were used on the field less than the other branches and had fewer members..

While Illuminates were sometimes considered weak because of their general lack of swordsmanship ability or field exercise, skilled Illuminates could accomplish amazing feats in the Force and could even stand up against superior duelists, as shown by Master Arienne Shivia, who managed to hold her own against Sith-imbued Darth Aelitou.


Created: 8 ABY, by Kyidyin Muchian and Luke Skywalker

Disbanded: 81 ABY, with the Fall of the New Jedi Order

Comrades: Jedi Consulars and Jedi Guardians

Distinguished by: Violet Lightsabers

Notable Members: Arienne Shivia, Celia Othi, Toqin Ktul, Moncar Fishor

Appearances: Kyidyin Muchian, Story of the Bark Family, Jedi Exile