Jorum Altorn was a Jedi Knight trained in the days of the Council of Sixteen. He was a Jedi Knight during the war with Aelitou and he and his sister Treya followed the Barks to Olederadi, participating in the battle there. He later fell in love with and Married Jane Bark though they chose not to become parents.

Jorum later helped in the fight against Red-Eye Five, fighting in the Battle of Otrera. He and Jane fled to the AoJ HQ when the Jedi, now under hostile control, began attacking the Barks. However, when the evac ship was apprehended Jane was killed and Jorum, in a fit of rage, assaulted the Jedi Temple singlehandedly and was soon killed.


Born: 12.21.30 ABY, Coruscant

Died: 11.10.80 ABY, Arebeddon

Family: Treya Altorn Bark; sister, Jane Bark Altorn; wife

Affiliation: Bark Family, Jedi Order

Lightsaber Form: Shien

Appearances: Story of the Bark Family


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