Mihra Rayven was the padawan learner of Teuch Neuko during the events leading up to the Clone War. She, like thousands of other Jedi, fougth in the Clone War as a general. She was knighted at an extremely young age though her secret lover, Azarp Bark, was expelled soon afterwards.

When the Jedi Purge struck Mihra was able to escape due to the sacrifice of Dotina Heyorr and fled to Azarp on Tatooine. They married there but were unable to ahve children for several years of their marriage but finally having three children, Sharad, Plo, and Dotina.

After Azarp recieved a Force vision he, Mihra, and their teenage children traveled to Coruscant and joined the New Jedi Order, just in time for the First ExtraGalactic Invasion by Darth Nihalis. Mihra served on the Council for a year during that time before handing that seat over to her son Sharad. She died in the Battle of Grovinior, protecting her children.


Born: 36 BBY, unknown

Died: 23 ABY, Grovinior

Family: Azarp Bark ; husband, Sharad Bark; son, Plo Bark; son, Dotina Bark; daughter, Jana Salia Bark; daughter-in-law.

Affiliation: Jedi Order, Bark Family, New Jedi Order

Lightsaber Form: Ataru, Soresu

Master: Teuch Neuko

Apprentices: Plo Bark (informal), Dotina Bark (informal)

Appearances: Story of the Bark Family, Kyidyin Muchian, Jedi Exile (mentioned only)

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