Reesa Doliq was a Jedi Master during the days before the return of the Sith. She was trained by later-Councilor Ramo Batrorio and later chose Warren Gadared as a padawan. Once achieving Mastery she took on Nioman Dokoora, making her training of him a life goal of hers.

After five years with Nioman she was assigned to stop the Glorious Fist pirates but was killed when the Consular ship was suddenly attacked. Her death brought about a great deal of turmoil in Nioman and helped lead to his eventual fall into darkness.


Born: 109 BBY, Andemeria

Died: 67 BBY, above Tartania

Family: Father; King Gombare of Andemeria, Mother; Queen Rianna of Andemeria, Sister; Reyna Doliq

Affiliation: Jedi Order, Crown of Andemeria

Lightsaber Form: Soresu

Master: Ramo Batrorio

Apprentices: Warren Gadared, Nioman Dokoora

Appearances: Jedi Exile , Transcending Tyranus , Tartania, Story of the Bark Family (mentioned only)

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