Possible Jedi

Jedi Master Saolin Feng

Saolin Feng was born just after the Fall of the Republic and learned early on of his Force-sensitivety but with no master was unable to untilize. That is, until was he found by Kye Nareac, who took the boy under his wing. He spent ten more years with Nareac and fellow apprentice Shennik Shif until being taken in to the New Jedi Order, where he soon became a Jedi Master. He later fought in the First EG Invasion, surviving the Battle of Grovinior and going on to serve on the Council of Sixteen.

He fought in the War with Aelitou and was captured on Taldornadi but escaped with the other Masters and returned to his duties. When the Barks moved to Olederadi in an offensive move, Feng was a key voice in keeping the Jedi in their current place but was later overriden when it became apparent that Kashyyyk would fall so he relented to go to Olederadi, where he fought in the battle, losing an arm to Aelitou but ultimately surviving the battle.

He went on to lead the Jedi during the Jedriadde. During that time he heavily opposed the doings of the Barks, finally causing them to leave for isolation on Tandor, with Saolin taking Jacien Bark's place as head of the Jedriadde. Under his leadership, though, discontent with the Jedriadde grew and in one instance the Jedi Temple itself was breached. The Jedi fougth off the rabble but now-elderly Feng did not survive the battle.


Born: 18 BBY, Unknown

Died: 67 ABY, Kashyyyk

Species: Human

Family: N/A

Affiliation: Jedi Order, Jedi High Council, Jedriadde

Jedi Path: Consular

Weapon: Green Lightsaber

Master: Kye Nareac

Apprentices: Jatawrah, Treya Altorn, Kobor Arilic, many others

Hair: black, then gray

Eyes: blue

Appearances: Story of the Bark Family, Jedi Exile, Kyidyin Muchian


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