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Author: Caleb's Fanfiction Creations

Link: Find it here!

Date Published: March 14, 2014

Planned Date of Completion: ???

Current Number of Words: 3,000

Estimated Number of Words: 60,000 per book

Current Number of Chapters: 1

Canon: JE canon

POV characters: Azarp Bark, Mihra Reyven Bark, Sharad Bark, Jana Salia Bark, Jacien Bark, Esmara Bark Rinten, Emmett Bark, Jaren Rinten, Jimmy Rinten, Hazel Bark Levesque, Radayan Hendor, Treya Altorn Bark


Book I: A New Life (19 BBY-20 ABY)

Book II: The New Jedi Order (20-23 ABY)

Book III: Beyond the Outer Rim (23-43 ABY)

Book IV: Return of Aelitou (51-54 ABY)

Book V: The Next Generation (56-72 ABY)

Book VI: Red-Eye Five (72-79 ABY)

Book VII: The End (79-81 ABY)


Book 1Edit

Book 2Edit

Book 3Edit

Book 4Edit

Book 5Edit

Book 6Edit

Book 7Edit


Mihra Bark* (I-II)

Azarp Bark* (I-II)

Patichak (I)

Javarron Bark (I)

Sharad Bark* (I-IV)

Plo Bark (I-IV)

Dotina Bark (I-IV)

Jacien Takiden (II-IV)

Arienne Shivia (II-IV)

Norring Glenton (II-V)

Kye Nareac (II-IV)

Garrl (II-V)

Shennik Shif (II, IV)

Muchian Kedrima (II-IV)

Jana Bark* (II-IV)

Tarae Leehl (II-VII)

Celia Othi (II-IV)

Ulic Kedrima (II-IV)

Darth Nihalis/Nioman Dokoora (II, IV)

Saolin Feng (II-V)

Darth Aelitou (II, IV)

Verana Serrone (III-VII)

Jacien Bark* (III-VI)

Jane Altorn (III-VII)

Rosalie Hendor (III-VII)

Esmara Rinten* (III-VI)

Emmett Bark* (III-VI)

Relanna Bark* (IV-VII)

Treya Bark (IV-VII)

Jorum Altorn (IV-VII)

Radal Hendor (IV-VI)

Jaren Rinten* (V-VI)

Zarchal (V-VII)

Wilhelm Bark (V-VI)

Jimmy Rinten* (V-VII)

Josiah Rinten (V-VII)

Hazel Levesque* (V-VII)

Radayan Hendor* (V-VII)

Siron Bark (V-VII)

Rilian Hendor (V-VII)

Dorothy Rinten (V-VII)

Irina Bark* (V-VII)

Merle Rinten (V-VII)

Jafria Rinten (VI-VII)

Bilhah Regalia* (VI-VII)

Enedir Levesque (VI-VII)

Kobor Arlilic (VI-VII)

Iketo Tannin (VI-VII)

Moncar Fishor (VI-VII)

Girand Nikatan (VI-VII)

Shay Tirtunnia (VII)

Sereva Yande (VII)

Jonedd Garred (VII)

Greeran (VII)

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