Thame Cerulian was a Jedi Knight during the later days of the Old Republic. From an early age he demonstrated immense talent and by the time he was Knighted was known as an exemplary Jedi, one that all young Jedi should aspire to be like. As he grew older his reputation faded a little but his name was still commonly known throughout the Jedi Order. As a Jedi Master he became interested in the Sith, an interest that later bacme an obsession, with Cerulian correctly believing that the Sith had indeed not been destroyed but had gone into hiding.

In 77 BBY Thame chose Initaite Tyrone Dooku as an apprentice, seeing a great deal of potential in the boy. He was, however, too preoccupied in his studies of the Sith to give the padawan the proper attention and, much to his disgrace, the Council deemed him an unworthy Master and assigned Dooku to Master Yoda. The shame of his failure with Dooku would haunt Thame for the rest of his days and he went into seclusion, immersing himself in his duties as a Jedi Sentinel, a group which he would soon rise to the head of, guiding the other Sentinels in their secret duties.

Twenty years after that a new member joined the ranks of the Sentinels, one whom Thame immediately took an interest in; Nioman Dokoora. He would become a mentor to Dokoora and one of the only Jedi who the Knight confided in, even asking Thame for advcie on training his own padawan. After years working with Nioman, Thame learned of a Sith-worshipping cult called the Sirosanni. The situation was kept secret, with only a few members of even the High Council aware of it. Of all the Sentinels Thame chose Nioman to accompany him but during the investigation things went badly and the Jedi were assualted by Sith spirits that had been summoned by the Sirosanni. Thame didn't make it out though Nioman managed to escape and return to Coruscant with the unfortunate news.


Born: 118 BBY, Coruscant

Died: 51 BBY, Korriban

Family: N/A

Affiliation: Jedi Order

Lightsaber Form: Soresu then Juyo

Master: Unskette

Apprentices: Tyrone Dooku (temporary), Nioman Dokoora (mentored)

Appearances: Transcending Tyranus , Tartania, Jedi Exile


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